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2020 is rapidly drawing to a close—thank God—and with the holidays approaching there is one tradition that’s not affected by Covid-19. In fact, we need to embrace this tradition more than ever this year. It’s a tradition that celebrates family, friends, community, and of course, romance. What’s this tradition? 

Watching Hallmark Christmas movies!

Hallmark Christmas Movie Reviews

Hallmark has 40 new Christmas movies for us this season and I figure what better thing to do with my YouTube channel than review Hallmark Christmas movies? I’ll be watching them anyway. And this way I can call it work.

I’ve even used the Hallmark publishing website’s submission guidelines to develop my own Christmas movie checklist. You can get your own checklist by clicking here. Print it and fill it out when you watch your next Hallmark Christmas movie. Then watch my YouTube review and see how our notes compare.

Along with going through the checklist, in my videos I’ll also talk about each movie’s Meet Cute, my favorite secondary characters, and what rating the movie gets on my Heartstring Meter.

And, just to keep it real, I’ll let you know my little nitpicks in each movie.

I hope you’ll join me every Tuesday throughout the holiday season to go over the previous weekend’s Hallmark Christmas movies.

Remember to grab the download of my Unofficial Hallmark Christmas Movie Checklist.

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